• Former Apple Chief Calls Being CEO a "Mistake"

    While it's difficult to imagine anyone calling their decision to become CEO of one of the world's biggest companies a "big mistake," sometimes it happens. Case in point: former Apple Chief Executive Officer John Sculley, who at one time was instrumental in pushing out co-founder Steve Jobs in order to be the head cheese himself.

    Now, in retrospect, Sculley says it was all a big mistake. According to Sculley, it was Jobs all along who should have been crowned king at Apple to serve as CEO. Initially, Sculley was drafted from Pepsi to Apple in 1983. Despite the record growth at Apple during the first portion of Sculley's tenure, he managed to shake things up tremendously by making a number of controversial decisions, like choosing to fire company co-founder Steve Jobs in 1985.

    Ultimately, however, Sculley would lose his position as CEO after the company fell on hard times in the early 1990s.

    Coming forward in a candid new interview, Sculley is opening up like never before and admitting some pretty startling revelations, not the least of which is that Apple brought him on board despite not knowing much of anything about computers. In the interview, the former Apple chief also admits that during his tenure, "all the design ideas were clearly Steve's. The one who should really be given credit for all that stuff while I was there is really Steve."

    "My Apple experience is now ancient history and I have gone on with my life and Im not looking for any publicity or have any ax to grind, Sculley adds, who no longer has contact with Jobs but simply wants to set the record straight about his days at Apple.

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