• Possible $10 Billion Foxconn Plant to Become New "iPod City"

    According to a new report from Reuters, Foxconn - the alleged Chinese-based "sweatshop" that has seen its fair share of unfavorable headlines in the past year - is reportedly working on a new multi-billion dollar facility that could very well become the new "iPod City" - a title presently reserved for the company's elaborate factory in Shenzhen.

    Based on the information provided in the Reuters report, the new plant would likely be constructed in the city of Chengdu in Sichuan province, "although sources were unable to give a timeframe for the project." But as Apple continues to mass produce iDevices by the millions, Foxconn will likely break ground and be open for business sooner rather than later.

    Since Foxconn became recognized as a major partner for Apple in mass producing the Cupertino tech giant's various products, a great deal of media attention has befallen the rash of Foxconn employee suicides and the alleged low-paying borderline-slave-labor that supposedly takes place in these Chinese-based facilities. Apple, however, maintains that the company is vigilant in guarding against sweatshop practices.

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