• Steve Jobs Kicks off Back to Mac with iPhoto Update

    Following a warm reception from media members gathered at Apple's Cupertino campus (probably because of the tasty breakfast the entire audience was served on their way into the auditorium), Steve Jobs took the stage to show the Apple community what's next.

    Shortly after Tim Cook was invited to share some self-congratulating data - "state of the Mac" - on the unprecedented growth of Macs, Apple's developer community (600,000 strong now), and the company as a whole, the presentation went on with the business at hand.

    First off, iLife - "widely regarded as the best suite of digital lifestyle apps in the world" - is getting an update, usually a 12 to 24 month occurrence for the software. But the latest improvements look to be the sweetest of them all. With a wealth of new bells and whistles (new full screen modes, Facebook enhancements, emailing photos, new sideshows, and big leap in books), the iPhoto tweaks seemingly earned their rightful place at the top of the ticket at today's event - particularly with the impressive demonstration and freshly unveiled new sideshow themes that accompanied the announcement.

    With an obvious greater and new-found emphasis on the social aspects of photo-journaling, the iPhoto demonstration at today's event showcased the "intelligence" of the update and how our most personal multimedia experiences will be embellished, preserved, printed, and shared in an entirely new way. On multiple occasions during the iPhoto demo, it was noted (by both Phil and Steve) that it's never before been easier and faster to email photos and share experiences within the social networking sphere.

    "So we've taken iPhoto and broadened the full screen mode," says Jobs. "We've taken books up a notch, and these letterpress cards... we're really excited about these new features. And that's iPhoto 11."

    iLife 11 is available today ($49 upgrade and free with the purchase of a new Mac.

    iPhoto í11 features stunning new full screen modes that take advantage of your Macís brilliant display for browsing, editing and showcasing your photos. Sharing your photos is easier than ever in iPhoto í11, whether you send them by email using one of eight beautiful themes, post them to your Facebook wall with a single click, or play them in full screen with one of 12 professionally designed slideshows. iPhoto '11 features a completely new approach to creating books and cards with a sleek carousel interface, intelligent book layout and a bookshelf that displays all your projects. New letterpress cards let you combine your photos and text with elegant imprinted designs to create unique wedding invitations, birth announcements, holiday greetings and more.
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