• Use of Siri to Control HomeKit Devices to Require the Apple TV as a Hub

    If you didnít know already, one of the major focuses at CES this year was home automation technology with several vendors announcing their plans for devices integrating with Appleís new HomeKit ecosystem. One of the key features of the HomeKit devices has been the ability to control them from iOS devices by utilizing Siri. This allows users to do certain things such as turn lights on or off, open and close garage doors and more with just their voices. The folks over at The Verge ended up noting that users who want to complete these tasks while away from home will still need an Apple TV on their home network to serve as the hub for these devices. The following was mentioned regarding the matter:

    So, while commands like "Siri, turn off the lights in the living room" will always work while connected to your home Wi-Fi network, they wonít from the airport unless you have an Apple TV. But thatís it ó you can still switch off the lights with an app, no Apple TV required. This behavior has been confirmed by a source close to HomeKitís development as well as two launch partners who wish to remain anonymous. Only third-generation or later Apple TVs running software 7.0 or later will support HomeKit.
    For those of you who didnít know already, Apple included HomeKit in the Apple TVís software but Apple wonít be marketing the set-top box specifically as a home automation hub. Weíll have to see what route Apple ends up taking when the whole initiative is made public.

    As of right now, many of the home automation vendors have been fairly vague about their launch plans for the devices. Sources are indicating that the lack of information is in largely due to the need to wait for Apple to finish polishing the HomeKit tools to ensure proper functionality. With HomeKit-enabled chips beginning to ship to vendors and Appleís vendor licensing program still underway, many of the companies have several obstacles to overcome before making their products available for sale.

    If Apple did make the Apple TV the central hub, it would likely boost the deviceís customer base and help expand Appleís ecosystem to a larger market share than it already owns.

    Source: The Verge
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      luvmytj -
      So only the ATV3 will work? Figures as nobody wants that non-jailbreakable puck.
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