• Mac Getting an App Store within 90 Days

    Apple fans who have felt that the Mac has been shoved to the back-burner for far too long must be elated at the announcements from today's "Back to Mac" event. In addition to everything from an iLife update to the preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, the Mac was also granted its very own App Store, a development that is long overdue according to many.

    "The Mac App Store is going to be really great for our users," said Apple chief Steve Jobs. "We don't want to wait for Lion. We're going to put it out on Snow Leopard, and will open within 90 days."

    The new Mac App Store will be a standalone app, analogous to the look and feel of iTunes. As expected, the App Store is designed to enable users to download and install apps (free or for purchase) with "just one click." Comparable to the App Store for Apple's popular line of iDevices, the new Mac App Store will likely become a hot commodity for users as well as developers.

    According to Steve Jobs, devs have a pretty sweet incentive to embrace the new App Store as they will similarly be allowed to keep a 70% chunk of revenue that comes through the new Mac-optimized digital storefront.
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