• Facebook, Apple in Ad Network Bidding War?

    MMi was privy to a heaping helping of rumors today regarding a possible ad network acquisition by one of two mammoth companies -- Facebook and, of course, Apple.

    Based on the chatter we've heard, a leading mobile ad network has been approached by the social network and iDevice maker in hopes of securing a partnership or a potential buyout. The ad network in question? Tapjoy, a prominent and hugely successful ad network that has been an innovative pioneer in mobile advertising for several years.

    I reached out sources close to Tapjoy and news of the rumor was, indeed, news to them. Consequently, while it would be understandable for Apple or Facebook to want Tapjoy, it doesn't appear that a deal is in place or even being discussed.

    Everyone connected to Tapjoy that has contributed to previous reports on the ad network's various ongoings have all said the same -- no serious talk of acquisition has made their inner circle. So is it safe to debunk the speculation of Apple or Facebook acquiring a major ad network? As far as Tapjoy is concerned, it looks that way.
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    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      So then why is this news if it has been debunked?
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