• Apple Expected to Diversify its Chip Orders for iOS Devices, Macs and Smart Watch

    According to a new report released by KGI Securities analyst< Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is likely to diversify its supplier lineup for its A-series chips used in its iOS devices with TSMC, Samsung and GlobalFoundries all said to be contributing to production. Kuo sees the 2015 chip breakdown with the A9 chip set to be supplied by both Samsung and GlobalFoundries while TSMC will likely handle the A9X that would be used in Apple’s iPad models. The same split is projected to flip the following year with TSMC handling the A10 iPhone chips and Samsung and GlobalFoundries being responsible for the A10X iPad chips.

    One of the more important things to note is that Apple could potentially be launching ARM-based Macs in the next year or two based on its custom chip designs according to Kuo. He mentioned the following in his report regarding the matter:

    Apple may launch Mac products that use own AP in next 1-2 years. This prediction is based on the assumption that Apple’s self-developed AP performs at a level between Intel’s Atom and Core i3 and is good enough for Mac. Using self- developed AP can help Apple better control the timing of Mac launches and Mac product features.
    If Apple was to use A-series chips in its Macs, the company would likely limit the chips to lower-end devices. Overtime, the Cupertino California company’s emphasis on controlling its supply chain and improving performance could see a shift in the coming years when compared to Intel’s low-end chips.

    The analyst even had some information regarding the Apple Watch. Based on Kuo’s predictions, TSMC is likely to take over responsibility for the custom “S2” chip that Samsung is handling in the upcoming Apple Watch in 2016, when the company is likely to launch its second-gen Apple Watch.

    We’ll have to wait and see how true his expectations turn out but from what we do know, his track record is quite accurate although not perfect.

    Source: KGI Securities via MacRumors
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