• New MacBook Airs Projected to Be Huge Holiday Seller

    Although it wouldn't take official research to convince most that Apple's new MacBook Airs will be big sellers this holiday season, the projections back up our suspicions, thanks to the research team of Concord Securities. As it stands, MacBook Airs are predicted to sell a whopping 700,000 units during the forthcoming holiday shopping season alone.

    DigiTimes covered the report, courtesy of analyst Mingchi Kuo, who boldly stated that MacBook Air shipments in the fourth quarter of 2010 will be staggering, "accounting for more than 17% share of the company's 4.1 million Mac shipments." The 11.6-inch model will account for 60% of the total MacBook Air sales, according to the report, "due to its low price."

    In case you're wondering if Kuo is credible, the answer is yes. Kou - once with DigitTimes - is well known for scooping Apple's intention to launch the new 11.6-inch MacBook Air early last summer. For this reason, few are doubting the holiday sales estimate (something many investors will likely take to be an underlying but unstated recommendation of Apple stock) that Kuo projects. Taking estimates one step further, Kou also predicts that the arrival of Mac OS X Lion will sustain the momentum of the MacBook Air release well into 2011.

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