• ProTube for YouTube Returns to the App Store, But Without Offline Video Caching

    ProTube for YouTube has returned to the App Store on Sunday after being abruptly pulled from the iOS App Store just a couple of days ago due to the offline video caching feature violating YouTube's terms of service.

    While Jonas Gessner's ProTube for YouTube application has returned to the App Store today, the major caveat is that users can no longer take advantage of the application's flagship feature of caching videos for offline viewing since the feature has been removed to make both Google and Apple happy. Of course, you can bet this is making many users very frustrated especially those who bought the application for this sole purpose.

    Regardless, the application remains available in the iOS App Store at the price tag of $2.99 while still allowing users to take advantage of the non-Google-like YouTube browsing interface, 1080p playback, ability to watch blocked videos

    Those who still have the older version of the application installed and want to continue being able to cache videos for offline viewing are recommended not to install this update, as you can continue using the feature if you do not update.

    For those that are still looking for YouTube video downloading functionality, ProTube is still available in Cydia for $1.99, although it hasn't yet been optimized for the retina HD displays on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The interface still remains a bit dated as of this point in time, but functionally, everything seems to work as expected, even on the latest devices running iOS 8.

    ProTube for YouTube via the App Store can be downloaded for $2.99 from this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store
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    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
    1. fluffybunnyabc's Avatar
      fluffybunnyabc -
      Anyone else have a blank page on startup even if it's set to one?
    1. Jj2345's Avatar
      Jj2345 -
      I'm not updating
    1. risingkazuya05's Avatar
      risingkazuya05 -
      If you're jailbroken, there's a free tweak called Download Enabler for Protube 2 that'll let you download/save videos again and even import it to your camera roll ;p
    1. jetsetjoey's Avatar
      jetsetjoey -
      Does anyone know where to find the videos are saved on the last worthy version of ProTube on an iPhone? I would like to export them to my computer & cannot find them!
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