• Apple Awarded a Patent for Eye-Tracking Technology for Possible Use on iOS and Mac

    The US Patent and Trademark Office recently granted Apple a patent that was originally filed in April of 2012 and dealt with eye-tracking technology used to allow a user to control the interface on a computer or smartphone. The specific invention involves a method for ensuring users don’t lose track of a cursor while controlling their devices through eye-tracking movements. The inventor credit goes to David P. Julian who describes that future Mac, iPhone and iPad devices could include new camera technology allowing movements of a user’s eye to translate to the movement of a cursor on screen.

    It should be noted that the patent doesn’t detail any practical use of the “gaze control” technology though it does mention in passing the possible use the technology could have in vehicles, game consoles and entertainment systems. The patent mostly attempts to fight the Troxler Effect, which is an optical effect that causes objects in the periphery to begin to disappear when a user focuses on a particular point on the screen. This can be a troubling issue with retina-tracking technology which requires a user to focus on various on-screen interface prompts to properly work. Apple’s invention looks to counteract the Troxler Effect by monitoring eye movements and blinking to estimate when a user is likely to be losing track of a mouse pointer or other cursor due to the effect. The system would then automatically move the cursor to bring it back to visibility.

    Like many of Apple’s other recently awarded patents, the possibility of the eye-tracking technology showing up anytime soon in an Apple product is close to none but it may be something the company ends up utilizing further down the line. We’ll have to wait and see.

    Source: USPTO via AppleInsider
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    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      Please Apple, don’t do this. At the very least make it optional only, which I’m sure they will. But resources could be better used elsewhere. All this eye and head tracking is just useless, most of all on single mobile devices.
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