• Rumor: Apple May Acquire Sony

    It's an eye-opening headline for certain, and one that's making the rounds throughout various media today, as Apple is believed to be considering a strategic acquisition of Sony. For now, we must responsibly classify this one as a rumor until more concrete evidence surfaces. But with better than $50 billion in the bank, Apple can certainly afford the logical buy. But just because Apple can... doesn't mean that it will.

    When rumors of the potential buyout first leaked, the trading volume of Sony exploded and escalated close to 3% at one point. And while many analysts have dismissed the rumor-talk, Sony and Apple aren't talking - a situation that could speak volumes.

    Barron's was among the first to note that Apple may soon scoop up the consumer electronics giant. The speculation, however, also included talk of potential acquisitions for Adobe and Disney. Sony, however, remains the most likely contender for an Apple buyout, especially given the recent comments of former Apple CEO John Sculley to Bloomberg, suggesting that Steve Jobs is head-over-heels enamored with Sony.

    During Apple's most recent earnings call, Jobs uncharacteristically jumped on the line to offer comment on the runaway growth and earnings of his company. It was at that time that Jobs made clear his intention of using Apple's massive cash reserves to make big moves within the tech world. And an acquisition of Sony would fit that description perfectly.

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