• New Macbook Air 13" Unboxing [Pics]

    So a new Macbook Air showed up a minute ago at the door. Decided to take a few pics and make some basic observations while unboxing

    Look, it's a box

    What could be inside?

    Apple always has classy packaging

    It looks like every other apple notebook

    Mag strip, papers, ya know

    Macbook Air Software Reinstall Drive

    Admit it, this little thing is badass, forget those ridiculous DVDs

    It's thin

    Really, it's thin (next to 13" Macbook Pro)

    Looks a lot like the 1st generation Macbook Air (same size, feel, ~ weight)
    (I know I know, early adopter fanboy ... )

    Just a couple shots

    It took me a minute to figure out how to turn it on

    The screen IS brilliant

    Review coming someday, this thing is going to be tied up forever transferring on files ...

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