• Adoption Rate of Apple's iPhone 6 Increases in US and China, Improves Company Profits

    Recently released usage data released by AppLovin highlights an increase in consumer preference for the larger display and feature set of the iPhone 6 Plus as supply for the device increases in both the US and in China. The information indicates a richer profit mix that is likely to improve Apple’s earnings as a result.

    Previously, in November of 2014, the firm reported that the iPhone 6 Plus accounted for 20% of US usage and 35% in China. Through the first week of January, the adoption rate of the iPhone 6 Plus increased by 5% in both markets, reaching 25% in the US and 40% in China. An AppLovin employee explained the following regarding the matter:

    This much movement in two of the largest smartphone markets is significant, especially if you consider that these new ratios aren't just for new sales of devices. Because the original devices sold in the first month and a half of the availability at a 80/20 or 65/35 pace are still active—the new devices added have to dilute the original ratios.
    The data results may be pointing towards the fact that buyers of the larger model are using it more. Furthermore, the initially constrained supplies of the iPhone 6 Plus highlights that the demand for the device is booming and much larger than everyone originally thought it might be. Analyst Katy Huberty recently provided even richer preference ratios for the iPhone 6 Plus stating 26% in the US and 51% in China. It should be noted though that the numbers also included the iPhone 5s and “other iPhone” as options in the mix. She also went on to highlight the higher average selling price and profit margin of the iPhone 6 Plus over the base iPhone 6. The fact that more than half of all buyers were opting to splurge for the premium priced 64 GB or 128 GB which deliver even larger profit margins (as much as 61% greater than the 16 GB).

    We’ll find out how much extra money Apple earned as a result of this iPhone 6 Plus preference this upcoming Tuesday. In the meantime, what’s your preference? The iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

    Source: AppLovin, Fortune
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      Neojok -
      Iphone 6 plus all the way!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Neojok View Post
      Iphone 6 plus all the way!
      Amen to that brotha!
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