• NASA Acknowledges Success of Sleep Genius App

    Today, Apple's App Store and Google's Play marketplace are overstocked and overloaded with health apps and mobile sleep aids that legitimately achieve nothing beyond making users a few dollars poorer. Indeed, the scientific pedigree of most sleep apps is dismal if not dubious altogether.

    But that's not the case for one sleep app we first introduced you to well over a year ago. And this week, NASA agreed, recognized Sleep Genius in the latest edition of NASA’s prestigious annual publication titled Spinoff.

    The 2015 issue celebrates a fantastic assortment of technologies and products that initially began with research for NASA (in this case, by virtue of trying to help astronauts sleep in the intense sleep-depriving conditions aboard the International Space Station).

    Ultimately, the underlying research led to new technologies that found their way back to earth. Neurologist Dr. Seth Horowitz was a member of the team tasked with facilitating better sleep in outer space. The technology Horowitz worked to create was so promising that a commercial application was soon envisioned. And the subsequent result was Sleep Genius, an iOS (and now Android app) that has been downloaded more than a million times and is regarded by many well-rested users to be the best high-tech sleep aid ever devised.

    As the NASA publication points out, NASA research has inspired a host of miraculous innovations throughout the decades, including freeze-dried food, water filters, and memory foam. Now, with astronauts and NASA personnel sleeping better than ever, just imagine what NASA will dream up next.

    Source: NASA (Spinoff)
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    1. buggsy2's Avatar
      buggsy2 -
      So the $100 billion ISS was worth it to get a sleep app.
    1. bmwraw8482's Avatar
      bmwraw8482 -
      Quote Originally Posted by buggsy2 View Post
      So the $100 billion ISS was worth it to get a sleep app.
      Certainly a justifiable expense
    1. HovikGas's Avatar
      HovikGas -
      Quote Originally Posted by bmwraw8482 View Post
      Certainly a justifiable expense
      Sleep Genius was the best $5 I ever spent... I sleep faster, deeper, and longer now. Well worth it.
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