• Sprint Rolls Out New Plan Specifically Targeting T-Mobile Customers

    It was just a day ago that T-Mobile unveiled its ‘Smartphone Equality’ program for those who don’t have very good credit and already Sprint has a counter promotion. Sprint is offering a new deal for customers to switch over from other carriers in a hassle free manner. Those with Verizon Wireless and AT&T qualify for Sprint’s ‘Cut Your Bill in Half’ promotion, which includes buybacks and trade-in offers. This promotion specifically does not mention T-Mobile because Sprint has a T-Mobile exclusive promotion going on.

    Take a look at the details on the exclusive T-Mobile customer promotion:

    Starting today, Sprint will guarantee any T-Mobile subscriber at least $200 credit for a currently activated and working T-Mobile smartphone when switching between carriers. The offer requires T-Mobile customers to move their phone number over to Sprint and trade-in a T-Mobile smartphone to a Sprint store to qualify.
    Those who switch over from T-Mobile to Sprint are allowed to combine the trade-in value with a contract buyout offer for as much as $350 a line. The company noted that buyouts will be given in the form of a reward card or prepaid card. Customers who are interested in this deal can participate starting now until April 9th. This means that the duration of the deal will last for approximately 3 months.

    Source: Sprint
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    1. StaceyMJ86's Avatar
      StaceyMJ86 -
      I still will not take advantage of this offer. No way will I leave T-Mobile right now.
    1. Raptor2213's Avatar
      Raptor2213 -
      Yea, I just made that switch - only in reverse. Sprint's data speed is ridiculously slow, and I'm never going back. I get better speed on T-Mobile's Edge than I did on Sprint's 3G! Sprint's data was essentially useless.
    1. dave868's Avatar
      dave868 -
      Sprint is essentially useless. 75% of the time while showing 3+ bars of 3G I couldn't even check email forget about streaming video or even music. On the rare occasion I got LTE it tested at about 2 to 3 meg down and 300 k up. Now on T-Mobile I get LTE 80% of the time with DL speeds typically over 40 meg. even when I don't get LTE I still get DL speeds close to 10 meg. Frankly there is no comparison. Sprint is not worth it for free. Slow is one thing. not working at all is another. Couple their incredibly slow network with bad customer service, and unethical unlocking policy make for a company you need to run from.
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