• Apple Juices HyperMac

    It's amazing what a lawsuit from Apple can do to - or for - one's brand. In the case of HyperMac - the controversial accessory maker - the legal actions on the part of Apple have resulted in the need for a re-branding of sorts that is literally "juicing" their former image. On Monday, HyperMac announced it has become HyperJuice.

    "In the coming weeks, the 'HyperMac' brand name will be renamed to 'HyperJuice' as part of our ongoing comprehensive licensing negotiations with Apple regarding a wide array of technologies and issues," said Daniel Chin, the big boss-man at Sanho Corporation, the parent company of the former HyperMac. As some will recall, Sanho was taken to task - and to court - by Apple just this fall for supposedly violating patents pertinent to the MagSafe charger.

    While it is premature to assess just how deeply the nature of change will run at HyperJuice, don't bank on seeing the word "Mac" anywhere near the company's accessories in the near future. For now, Sanho has no choice but to stop selling - as of midnight November 2nd - the controversial MagSafe MacBook charging cables. "While we will continue to sell the same batteries together with the rest of our product line after November 2nd, they will not be able to charge MacBooks without the cables," Chin added.

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