• Tweetbot for Mac Has Been Pulled From the Mac App Store

    The popular Tweetbot for Twitter client for the Mac OS X platform has disappeared from the Mac App Store after numerous reports suggested that a large number of new users were unable to log in to the application after purchasing it from the Mac App Store.

    The developers of the application, Tapbots, have been replying to upset users with responses of "we're looking into it," and have also made the following announcement:

    We are aware of Tweetbot for Mac authentication issues. We have contacted Twitter and are waiting for a response. Thanks for your patience.
    Also a big 'dun, dun, dun' in terms of the circumstances, Paul Haddad, one of the developers behind Tweetbot for Mac OS X, made the following Tweet just hours ago:

    The issue with the missing Tweetbot application for Mac OS X, along with all of the issues that new users were having, is indicating that perhaps Twitter has started making it even harder for developers of third-party Twitter applications. In fact, a recent report by 9to5Mac even suggests that Tweetbot for Mac has hit the limit of tokens that Twitter will allow it to use.

    In any case, the application is now gone from the Mac App Store and we are pending official announcement from the Tweetbot developers. We will continue to keep you updated on this issue, so stay tuned!

    Sources: Mac App Store, Twitter, 9to5Mac
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Tweetbot for Mac Has Been Pulled From the Mac App Store started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. JoeStorm's Avatar
      JoeStorm -
      Twitter is really being bastards. The token limit was the first thing I thought of as well.

      If it is the token limit, this will be interesting. Remember when Tweetbot for Mac was released and the reasoning for the $20 price tag was a limited amount of tokens. If the tokens have been exhausted, it will be interesting to see how many new features are added and the support will be for a product with no income.
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