• Look Out Below! Apple Drops International Mac Mini Prices

    Tuesday morning brought with it the arrival of some surprisingly pleasant news from Apple - at least for folks who plan to purchase a Mac mini without using US currency. Today, Apple has begun a discount available to international shoppers that offers what many see as a substantive price cut on the Mac mini line of desktops.

    According to Apple, the basic, least expensive model saw a nice slash of 100 euros (now 709 euros). But even the price of a Mac mini with a sweet Snow Leopard server has also been reduced in price from 1149 euros to 999 euros. In case you're wondering, there have been no price changes overnight in the US market. All discounts and revamped pricing on the Mac mini line are being extended exclusively to international shoppers as far as anyone can presently tell.

    Although demand in the US for the line of Mac minis has been solid, the new Mac Book Airs, iPhone 4, iPad, and new iPod line have remained the most talked about Apple products of recent days. For now, domestic orders of the Mac mini ($699) and the Mac mini with Snow Leopard server ($999) are still shipping within 24 hours of being placed. Although Apple is not expected to similarly reduce prices of the Mac mini line in the US, many prospective domestic buyers will be watching closely for any comparable price cuts in the coming days.

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