• NowPlaying for Facebook Available on Cydia

    When it comes to sharing on social networks, there are many of us who love telling the world what we listen to. Whether it's the rap scene or country music, we just LOVE to let people know what we're listening to. Even if people think it's annoying as ever, it doesn't matter, because you care!

    For us Twitter users, recent tweak releases for Tweetbot and Twitter for iPhone have added a new button to limit the strain on our precious fingers. Now with the simple tap of the button, we can paste what we're listening to on our iPod right into the compose window. Like the popular NowPlaying for Tweetbot created by Filippo Bigarella (@filippobiga), a new tweak has recently been released via the BigBoss repository known as NowPlaying for Facebook.

    Just like the NowPlaying tweaks for Twitter for iPhone and Tweebot, it adds a simple button to your compose window to paste what you're listening to into the message. There's no configuration required and it's a simple install and use. To make matters even more exciting, it's free of charge so hit it up on Cydia pronto!

    It's compatible with both the iPhone and iPod Touch and works on the highest firmware (4.3.3). I find it to be an awesome tweak and have loved it for Twitter as well. Hopefully soon it will be available on the iPad.

    Version 1.1 was just released last night, the only change was removing the hashtag before "NowPlaying."

    It requires that you have the official Facebook application from the AppStore.

    Name: NowPlaying for Facebook
    Author: moeseth
    Version: 1.1
    Repository: BigBoss
    Price: Free

    Source(s): Cydia
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