• Apple Now Accepting Mac App Store Submissions

    Very quietly this week Apple started accepting app submissions to the forthcoming Mac App Store. Last month, at Apple's "Back to Mac" event, Steve Jobs unveiled the new Mac-based app store as a shining example of the Mac OS X Lion's new bells and whistles. Snow Leopard users, however, were also told they would get the app store, which would launch within 90 days.

    The process of building the Mac App Store's content has begun, as developers are now able to serve up their creations to embellish the offerings of the Mac App Store's upcoming debut. Comparable to the iOS App developer program, the Mac App developer program is $99 per year. As expected, the new Mac App Store will be a standalone app, analogous to the look and feel of iTunes. It will enable users to download and install apps (free or for purchase) with "just one click."

    In late October, Apple released the Review Guidelines for the new Mac App Store, as Paul reported following their publication. Very similar to guidelines for iOS App Store submissions, agreed Paul, the policy seems to be "intended to head off complaints" about the criteria for inclusion on the Mac App Store. Apple will only say that the published guidelines are "to ensure that apps are reliable, perform as advertised, and free of offensive material."

    For more info, check out the Mac Developer Program.

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