• Samsung Announces Decline in Sales as Apple Reports Increase in Sales

    Just as Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the iPhone 6 lineup received more Android users than ever, the Korean-based company announced their own results for the October to December period of last year. It was reported that Samsung received a 27% quarterly decline in earnings from that period. Their net profit was $4.9 billion USD (equivalent to 5.3 trillion won) whereas in 2013, the company earned 7.3 trillion won. Apple on the other hand, earned $18 billion due to their flagship iPhone 6 lineup.

    The company noted that their overall profit last year was 25 trillion won, which was a decline from their 36.8 trillion won from the year before. Samsung has always been the device of choice in Asian countries, but it was reported that the Cupertino-based company gained significant share in countries including China, Korea, and Japan. This has to due with Apple’s decision in producing their larger 5.5-inch device. Although Samsung’s overall sales was down, they did however earn 2.7 trillion won from producing chips for companies like Apple. This helped their overall earnings in 2014.

    Let’s see if Samsung will come back with a device that will drive previous Android users back from iOS devices this year. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

    Source: Reuters
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    1. buggsy2's Avatar
      buggsy2 -
      Samsung will add a dozen features that appeal to 20-something gadget freaks.
    1. cpho's Avatar
      cpho -
      I wonder if these figures from Samsung include or exclude revenue from non-phone sales, like microwaves and TV's etc.
    1. rickuk's Avatar
      rickuk -
      Samsung offer to great a choice with too many different handsets and are slow to update Android
    1. psxcancer's Avatar
      psxcancer -
      Let's not forget you get a free stylus 😜
    1. scroogelives's Avatar
      scroogelives -
      Quote Originally Posted by psxcancer View Post
      Let's not forget you get a free stylus 😜
      That almost no one uses
    1. swifty7's Avatar
      swifty7 -
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