• ProTools 9 Coming November 12

    Recording software giant Avid is releasing ProTools 9 on November 12. This is welcome news to musicians and audio engineers everywhere, since the last major update was two years ago. This upgrade will include an impressive array of new features allowing users to work more freely and collaborate with others more easily.

    ProTools 9 increases the number of tracks and busses you can use. Now, you can record up to 96 or 192 simultaneous audio tracks (available with the ProTools HD version). You can also have up to 128 instrument tracks, 512 MIDI tracks, 256 internal busses, and 160 aux tracks per ProTools session.

    ProTools now includes a new software-only version, great for laptop users on the go. Avid has finally cut the cord on ProTools so youíll never have to lug around a cumbersome Mbox in your laptop bag again. Also, collaborating with other ProTools users will be easier now with their new file interchange support. Now you will be able to share projects created in other audio and video software packages more easily with ProTools and vice-versa.

    Avid recently updated the Mbox line to version 3. ProTools 9 will complement the latest Mboxs quite well and make for a powerful combination.

    Before the advent of inexpensive audio software like ProTools, recording music was a daunting task requiring expensive equipment and a host of engineers. Nowadays, you can record a number one hit in your basement if you have the right tools and some talent. ProTools may have a steep learning curve, but the results you can achieve with it can rival that of higher end recording studios. All you really need is three chords and the truth, and a good mike.

    Source: Avid
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