• Toshiba Releases Blade X-gale SSD Series To The Masses

    In a move that will make it easier for Apple fans to replace the solid state drive in their MacBook Air (should the need to do so arise), Toshiba has formally unveiled plans to push its Blade X-gale SSD series - that which is contained within the new MacBook Air - to the public via mass market availability. When will it be available? According to Toshiba, right away.

    We should point out, however, that Toshiba isn't readily admitting that their release is identical to the fantastically sleek SSD in Apple's MacBook Air. BUT, both drives have something very similar in common, specifically, the identical model numbers and storage capability - 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. As a result, it's a pretty sweet development that the Blade X-gale series won't be limited in availability to the tech giants and electronics makers of the world. Now, general consumers and even savvy modders have a new toy with which they can play.

    "Delivering a product that enables superior user experience in a smaller footprint is the ultimate goal," says Scott Nelson, vice president, Memory Business Unit, at Toshiba. "The density of MLC NAND enables the creation of smaller form factor high density storage solutions, and Toshiba, as the technology leader for NAND storage solutions, will continue to innovate in this space."

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