• Apple Patent Reveals Scrollable Menus, Toolbars

    Without question, Apple continues to forge ahead with making its operating systems more versatile and capable of accommodating the burgeoning number of options, tools, and demands that scores of applications present, despite the well-known present scarcity of screen space available to similarly accommodate so many choices. Our friends at Patently Apple, however, have uncovered an interesting find that speaks to how Apple may soon address this undeniable reality.

    At Apple's "Back to Mac" event last month, Steve Jobs unveiled no shortage of cool features native to next summer's release of Apple newest operating system dubbed "Lion." But as the folks at Patently Apple point out, Jobs didn't dwell on the challenges incumbent on Mac users who will have to juggle the likes of a new Mac App Store, Launchpad, Full Screen Apps and Mission Control. As it turns out, Apple may have a little something up its sleeve with "scrollable menus and toolbars."

    This possible new OS X Lion feature came to light late last week in a new European patent filing. The new feature is clearly identified as one being designed for both the desktop (OS X) and handheld devices (iOS) which is what OS X Lion is all about: "The Power of OS X The Magic of iPad." Apple's Full Screen App feature is about simplifying the desktop and their latest scrollable menus and toolbars concept extends upon that very thinking.
    Preserving valuable screen real estate will be a vital attribute of future Apple operating systems and it appears that Apple is not only aware of this fact, but actively looking to address it in the coming months. As a result, it's a safe bet that OS X Lion and a subsequent iOS update will usher in the era of scrollable menus and toolbars.

    Patently Apple
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