• Not Sure You Want to Buy Apple Watch? Perhaps You Can Rent One First

    For those who are not yet sure they want to plunk down their hard earned cash for Apple's forthcoming smartwatch, one company is hoping to make it possible for prospective buyers to test-drive an Apple Watch before committing to a purchase.

    A tech rental start-up called Lumoid was profiled by NBC News today in response to their plans to let consumers "rent Apple Watches as part of its wearable rental program."

    Aarthi Ramamurthy, the company's founder and CEO, says the firm will make available a "waiting list" on its website before the week is through. This will let potential buyers sign up for an opportunity to try out the device first hand once its ready to ship in April.

    Preorders for Apple Watch could, in fact, begin as soon as next month depending on how early in April Apple plans to make the wearable device available.

    When you consider that Apple Watch will likely have a diverse price range -- low end at $350 with high-end stretching into the thousands -- companies like Lumoid may find themselves in a prime spot to help consumers determine whether or not they really want or need the next big thing from Apple.

    Source: NBC
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    1. StuG III's Avatar
      StuG III -
      The rented Apple Watch will look good with your leased 3 series.
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