• iAds Coming to Japan Next Year

    Apple announced on its website bright and early Wednesday morning that it is teaming with The Dentsu Group - a century-old marketing and advertising outfit - to expand Apple's reach via iAds into the Japanese marketplace in early 2011. According to the official word of the announcement from Apple, Dentsu will be responsible for the selling and creative execution of iAds in Japan, and Apple will host, target and deliver the iAds to its iPhone and iPod touch users.

    Given the viability of and pervasiveness of mobile marketing in Asia, most industry analysts saw the arrival of iAds in Japan as an inevitability. Not even six months old, the iAd platform has already become a mainstay for digital advertisers - at least those who can afford to capitalize on the platform's full potential.

    “After an incredibly successful launch in the US where we’ve already doubled the number of brands on the network, we’re excited to bring iAd to Japan,” said Andy Miller, Apple’s vice president of iAd. “Dentsu is one of the world’s most prestigious advertising agencies, making them an ideal partner for iAds in Japan.” Apple's role in the expansion of iAds to Japan, however, will be surprisingly limited. With the company's figurative hand in enough pots already, it appears that Dentsu subsidiary Cyber Communications, Inc. will handle much of the grunt-work, like providing the advertising "one-stop services" for iAd in Japan including creative production and media planning.

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