• Steve Jobs Once Again Handles Apple Customer Service

    Talk about quality customer care. How many major companies can you issue a complaint with only to hear from the CEO himself just a few short hours later? Well, apparently one disgruntled developer had a similar experience with Apple after his app was denied access to the Holy Grail (the iPad App Store). And Steve Jobs picked up the phone to address the matter personally.

    Seattle-based developer Ram Arumugam was angry - very angry - that his "Economy for iPad" app was shot down. It later turns out that the app was riddled with the dreaded non-public code that Apple runs from at all costs. Arumugam, however, contended that he used the big, bad private API to "work around a problem with the on-screen keyboard," which he was having trouble removing from the screen after the user was finished typing. According to the Seattle Times, Arumugam made an appeal to the app-review board regarding the issue. And when he didn't receive any satisfaction, he contacted Steve Jobs via email. Two hours later, the phone rang.

    It was Steve.

    "I was very surprised," Ram told the paper. "I was not even sure whether he would have time to read the e-mail." The outcome of the conversation, however, resulted in Ram's app finally getting into the App Store. It took a conversation with Jobs to get Ram to drop the troublesome code. Subsequently, we now have the privilege of checking out the $2.99 app that sparked so much widespread attention. For Ram, of course, the ordeal was worth it. The dev was happy to report that his economic stat-filled app is now the top selling paid app in the finance category of the iPad App Store.

    Seattle Times
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