• Angry Birds Seasons Goes Free As Apple's iOS App of the Week This Week

    Apple has refreshed its iOS App Store Thursday evening showing Angry Birds Seasons as the new App of the Week. In case you weren't around for last week, Apple picked ProCam 2 as the App of the Week the previous week.

    This week's Angry Birds Seasons pick is a bit bizarre. Apple generally picks applications that are out of the ordinary to help them get recognized in the App Store, but Angry Birds is such a well-known title that it almost seems cliché for Apple to have crowned it the App of the Week this week.

    Nonetheless, the normally 99¢-game is now free until next Thursday in the iOS App Store, so those of you that swore to never pay a dime for an Angry Birds game can now download it absolutely free and enjoy the hours of gaming that it offers.

    Notably, the game was updated just today with 15 all-new NBA levels. So not only do you get to take advantage of a paid game for free, but you also get the bonus levels that were just added in today.

    To grab Angry Birds Seasons while it's free, you can follow this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store
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    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Do any of the Angry Birds games support the iPhone 6 display yet?
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