• Final Cut Studio Update Coming Early 2011

    Apple is known for keeping product launch schedules top secret. For most of us this doesn’t cause much of a problem, but for some Mac users who depend on Apple products for their livelihood, this level of secrecy can be detrimental. Some industries like television post-production companies plan their projects over multiple years and these customers need to have some idea that Apple will not abandon them in the future.

    Recently, TV post-production consultant Dustyn Gobler sent Steve Jobs an email detailing his concerns over the lack of any roadmap for Apple’s pro applications like Final Cut Studio. “We need to know that Apple won’t abandon Final Cut Pro because selling iPads is more lucrative,” Dustyn tells Steve in his letter.

    Steve Jobs, who has been responding to emails personally of late, said in a typically brief email, “a great release of Final Cut is coming early next year. Sent from my iPad.”

    Steve’s emails are short and sweet in style, sort of minimalist, just like the products he sells. Mr. Gobler makes a good point, however, in that some professionals who use Apple products need to have some reassurances that their investments of time and money are well spent on Apple products. Apple is the king of hype, but this can be counterproductive in some segments of the market. Apple isn’t the only game in town, as Mr. Gobler was quick to point out saying, “I want you to know that I’ve started to field meetings with Avid, and I tell my clients to consider Media Composer, Interplay, and Unity. The interface may not be pretty, but a reliable road map goes a long way.”

    Consumers feed on mystery, and Apple needs to know when to use it and when not to. The hype machine is only one of many tools Apple can use to sell its products. Hopefully, Steve will learn that secrecy is a great rule of thumb most of the time, but occasionally, some consumers need to know they won’t be left out in the cold.

    Source: Cult of Mac
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