• American Express Believes Apple Pay Will be “The Next Evolution of Membership”

    Apple’s mobile payment system Apple Pay has definitely been successful since its launch back in October. Credit card companies in the U.S. have also been offering promotions to customers and pushing for it in advertisements. Many credit card companies’ ads recently have revolved around the mobile payment system. American Express’ latest ad said Apple was “The Next Evolution of Membership.”

    The ad goes through the history of the American Express credit card and compiles multiple commercials from the company throughout the years, starting from their early black-and-white commercial days. Each ad shows the company’s technological advancement until the most recent innovation for card tech. The 30-second ad ends with a customer using his iPhone Apple Pay feature to pay for his items.

    Other companies including MasterCard, Chase, and Visa have also released Apple Pay commercials similar to American Express. All of these companies seem to really feel Apple Pay is the next big thing. What are your thoughts?

    Source: YouTube
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    1. fredHD's Avatar
      fredHD -
      Android fans are saying Google had wallet way before Apple pay. Ok fair enough but when Apple makes it it works [emoji6][emoji108]
    1. mulezsti's Avatar
      mulezsti -
      I hear every Android User say that. And I have Google Wallet and other then you can load all your loyalty cards in Google Wallet, I don't see GW being better. I like how I can load all my cards in my profile and use one card but at least Apple Pay doesn't charge a fee like GW does because the way Apple Pay built their system, it's not a money transfer and doesn't take a while for the transfer to go through with Apple Pay.
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