• All Beatles Songs Now on iTunes

    As has been rumored for the past 24 hours, Apple today announced that they had obtained rights to the Beatles' music catalog on the iTunes Store. Apple has had a teaser on their home page since early yesterday with the legend "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget." Eyebrows were raised by the apparent reference to "Another Day," a Paul McCartney song from his solo record "Ram" that was written during the Beatles' "Let it Be" sessions. Other hopeful rumors - such as the long-awaited streaming iTunes or all-you-can-eat music subscriptions - didn't pan out.

    Steve Jobs had been trying to make a deal with the Beatles' corporate entity Apple Corps Ltd. many times before, but negotiations have always broken down. The two sides have been suing back and forth since way back in 1978, when the Beatles alleged that Apple Computer infringed the band's trademark in the name and logo of Apple Corps. Apple settled in 1981 for an undisclosed amount, and agreed they wouldn't compete in the music business. However, in 1989 Apple Corps sued again, claiming that the music production capabilities of Macs violated the deal, and again in 2003 over the iTunes Store. Finally, Apple just bought up all the trademarks in question and licensed them back to Apple Corps.

    The Beatles are still huge sellers forty-plus years after breaking up. They have sold more than 177 million albums in the US alone, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. Songs from all 13 albums are now available on the iTunes Store, along with a box set for $149.
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