• Flipboard Launches its Web App - Can Be Accessed Through Your Desktop Browser Now

    The social network aggregation news app that is delivered in a magazine-like format, Flipboard, recently launched a web app that runs in any standards-compliant desktop web browser such as Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. The web app (which is available at Flipboard.com) allows users to sign in with their Flipboard account and browse their Cover Stories, catch up on news of interest and collect/share articles with friends, all inside the desktop browser and all without installing anything.

    The company had the following to say regarding the matter:

    We’ve re-imagined Flipboard for the browser, taking advantage of larger screen sizes and a scrolling interface to deliver beautiful new magazine layouts with full-bleed images and elegant animation.
    Alternatively, you can use the newly designed web app by signing in using your Facebook, Google+ or Flipboard account if you choose to. While you are logged in, any changes that you make to your content sources and custom news feeds on an iPhone or iPad will be reflected in the web app, the same goes for changes made in the web app being reflected on iOS devices.

    What makes the whole experience much easier is that the user interface is responsive and animations are remarkably smooth for a web app. The video below gives you a feel of what it’s like to use Flipboard on the web. Featuring responsive layouts for different screen sizes, the web app also makes it easy to browse the public profiles of other Flipboard users and do things such as adding new content sources, managing custom feeds, reviewing the notifications and more.
    The only area of disappointment with the new web app is the fact that it only gives you a stripped down view of your headlines and clicking on a headline takes you to the original story.

    Have any of you tried the web app out? If so, share your thoughts and comments below!

    Source: Flipboard (blog)
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