• PdaNet Update Hides Tethering Usage from Wireless Carriers

    If you’ve been tethering your iDevice without a data plan from AT&T, then you may have received an ominous text message instructing you to either stop your unauthorized tethering activities, or face being automatically enrolled in a data plan costing upwards of $45 a month. PdaNet has just released an update that includes a convenient “Hide Usage” feature that should put an end to AT&T’s threatening text messages once and for all.

    PdaNet now includes a feature that allows users to hide the exact type of data that’s being downloaded. This gives users the freedom to use their devices any way they please, without incurring any additional monthly service charges. PdaNet 5.01 now includes a “Hide Usage” feature under the Advanced Settings, multiple Wi-Fi connections are now supported and the app has been completely rewritten to improve performance. Of course, the usual bug fixes are also included with this update as well.

    It would seem that AT&T has finally discovered a way of determining if a customer has been using third party tethering apps or not. Apparently, AT&T does not simply look at the amount of data being downloaded, but rather looks at the type of data being downloaded instead.

    AT&T tracks unauthorized tethering by checking the type of packets moving through their network. Packets not coming from an iPhone are checked and text messages are then be sent out to offending users informing them to stop what they are doing or face being charged for it. When this issue first came to light, it was widely believed that AT&T was simply cracking down on the heaviest data users on their network. Now it seems that AT&T has a more effective method of determining data usage among its customers

    Now that PdaNet has developed an effective defense against AT&T’s crackdown, other developers are sure to follow suit and upgrade their apps as well. If you’re a MyWi user, you probably won’t have to wait too long for an upgrade to be released. We’ll just have to wait and see if this becomes a whole new game of cat and mouse within the jailbreak community.

    Source: Cult of Mac
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