• Analyst Predicts The Launch of a Revamped Apple TV Set Top Box for Fall 2015

    According to Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, he believes that a revamped Apple TV set-top box could prove to be a centerpiece for the company’s fall 2015 product lineup. He continues to believe that a full-fledged Apple television set is being worked on, a point he made clear once again in his most recent note to investors. In the interim, he sees a more powerful Apple TV set-top box launching this year as a step towards the connected HDTV. For the updated Apple TV, Munster predicts that Apple will update the hardware and software along with integrating content, gaming and HomeKit support.

    When referring to content on the device, Munster took note of Sling TV, which for those of you who didn’t know is the new $20-per month web-based television service from Dish. According to the analyst, Sling TV is a sign that content owners are willing to think differently about offering so called over-the-top channel subscriptions without a traditional cable plan.

    Munster also noted that recent reports are claiming that Apple has been in talks with content providers to develop its own content service, similar to Sling TV. Munster said the following regarding the matter:

    We believe that a content service could be paired with an updated Apple TV box in a fall event alongside a new iPhone or iPad. We believe that an updated Apple TV and/or content offering could be one of the core new offerings from Apple in 2015, given our belief that the phone is likely to be an 'S' upgrade cycle, and there appears to be little new on the iPad side other than a potentially larger screen.
    Regarding HomeKit, Munster sees the Apple TV becoming a hub for users who have connected homes. In particularly, the “”Hey Siri” handsfree feature in iOS 8 is one that Munster sees extended to the Apple TV, allowing users to conveniently control connected devices in their homes with their voice.

    As far as the Apple television set, the revised timeline for such a device indicates a release in late 2016 “at the earliest.” According to Munster, Apple will likely wait until it feels comfortable with its integrated feature set before it begins selling a full-blown HDTV.

    Source: Piper Jaffray via AppleInsider
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    1. a2943149's Avatar
      a2943149 -
      I doubt they will update it as its never been jailbroken so they have their first fully protected device. Why would they want to release a new one that will probably get jailbroken way before the current one?
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Until they put a hard drive back in it I don't care about the Apple TV. I love my first gen with an external 2TB HDD. Everything is on one drive, no streaming. I love it.
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      I still have the second generation but id only rebuy if it had maybe a voice microphone thing like amazon fire has or a point and click laser type thing to the screen.
    1. a2943149's Avatar
      a2943149 -
      I wonder why the ATV3 has never been jailbroken? Is it that good the hackers cant do it or is it the common answer that they couldn't be bothered to even try to jailbreak it?
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