• Jony Ive Touches Upon Various Topics During Interview With The New Yorker

    The New Yorker has recently interviewed Apple’s VP of design, Jony Ive, where he spoke about topics including the upcoming Apple Watch and previous Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Ive dished on what his life has been like working at the Cupertino-based company. The first experience he shared was one with previous Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

    "During the visit, Ive said, Jobs 'became more and more confident, and got really excited about our ability to work together.' That day, according to Ive, they started collaborating on what became the iMac. Soon afterward, Apple launched its 'Think Different' campaign, and Ive took it as a reminder of the importance of “not being apologetic, not defining a way of being in response to what Dell just did.” He went on, 'My intuition’s good, but my ability to articulate what I feel was not very good—and remains not very good, frustratingly. And that’s what’s hard, with Steve not being here now.'"
    Ive noted in the interview that the idea of a smartwatch came up back in October of 2011, the year when Steve Jobs had passed. Apparently, there were various products at that time and Tim Cook was the one calling the shots and thinking about which ones to choose.

    "The Apple Watch—the first Apple device with a design history older than its founder, or its designer—was conceived 'close to Steve’s death,' Ive said. It’s hard to build a time line of this or any other Apple creation: the company treats the past, as well as the future, as its intellectual property. But, in 2011, there may have been a greater appetite than usual for investigations of new products. One could imagine that executives were eager to act, in anticipation of grief, market upheaval, and skeptical press."
    The interview also pointed out that the idea of a larger smartphone first circulated back in 2011 as well. Ive said that Apple had modeled a bigger version of the iPhone 4, but it was deemed ‘clunky’ and ‘uncompelling,’ therefore the idea was dismissed. The larger device that was actually released is now known as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

    A few years ago, Ive and his colleagues assessed each prototype size of the future iPhone 6 by carrying them around for days. “The first one we really felt good about was a 5.7,” he recalled. “And then, sleeping on it, and coming back to it, it was just ‘Ah, that’s way too big.’ And then 5.6 still seems too big.” (As Cook described that process, “Jony didn’t pull out of his butt the 4.7 and the 5.5.”)
    Source: New Yorker
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