• An Upcoming Episode of Modern Family Was Shot Entirely On Apple's iPhone and iPad

    An upcoming episode of the TV comedy, Modern Family, puts both iMessage and FaceTime front and center with the production crew shooting footage exclusively on the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. The entire episode reportedly plays out on a Mac OS X desktop as Claire (the mom) attempts to reach her daughter while stuck at an airport. Each of the shots of the family members calling or texting each other were taken exclusively using an iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

    The OS X Yosemite desktop hosts the numerous conversations is actually a copy of the desktop. Supposedly the show’s motion graphics team created a very detailed replica of Apple’s desktop operating system which took “months” to prepare and was updated with each new release. This was largely due to the inability of recording than broadcasting an actual display in high definition. According to motion graphics producer, John Brown, “what you’re seeing on screen is all hand-made.” In a separate interview, Brown revealed that the intention was to use screen capture originally but the technique didn’t hold up to the editing process. He stated the following regarding the matter:

    I was building the assets for Yosemite back when Yosemite was still in beta. It was frustrating to be like, 'Act one, totally locked,' and then come in Monday and hear the FaceTime notification has changed.
    Along with iPhones and iPads, the Cupertino California company also reportedly provided MacBook Pros and a Mac Pro for postproduction. That being said, the company didn’t pay for any product placement.

    Anyone who watches the show already or those of you who are interested in tuning into this particular episode can watch the episode air next Wednesday, February 25th.

    Source: Re/code, The Verge
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