• Report Claims that Apple's iBooks Antitrust Monitor Has Cost the Company $2.65M

    According to The Wall Street Journal’s opinion page this week, Michael Bromwich, the lawyer who is overseeing Apple after it lost an iBooks antitrust lawsuit, has reportedly unfairly billed Apple roughly $2.65 million for investigative practices that have gone well beyond the initial intent of his role. The report even went on to call Bromwich’s approach “major abuse even by the standards of modern antitrust,” suggesting that Apple should sue Bromwich for his investigation if the company wins its upcoming appeal of the antitrust ruling.

    After scouring through his invoices, the report found that Bromwich’s efforts have ended up costing Apple more than $2.65 million. Many of the invoices found frequently delved into subjects that didn’t have much to do if anything to do with the iBooks antitrust suit. His role is supposed to focus on antitrust compliance and training measures but he seems to be “stumbling all around Cupertino to conduct a roving, unfettered inquisition into Apple’s business.” More specifically, Bromwich supposedly used his position to look into Apple’s Siri, Maps and hardware engineering groups – none of which have anything to do with the e-book antitrust lawsuit.

    Furthermore, although the monitor which oversees the aftermath of an antitrust suit is supposed to be an impartial party, Bromwich also billed Apple for hours he spent with the Department of Justice and state Attorneys General. Supposedly, one of the meetings with the DOJ was related to Apple’s efforts to have Bromwich removed. The editorial states the following regarding the matter:

    In other words, he wasn't acting as a neutral court officer but as an agent of the prosecution — and then charging Apple for his trouble. Mr. Bromwich bills at $1,100 an hour. Apple can be forgiven for seeing him as an adversary and an interloper, because he is.
    We’ll have to wait and see what course of action Apple takes going forward but this isn’t the first time Bromwich has been under the limelight and it definitely doesn’t seem like the last.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal
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      Get him out. This reeks of cronyism.
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