• Tapbots Releases Calcbot 2.0 for iOS and it's Impressive!

    Tapbots has released Calcbot 2.0 for iOS to the public on Thursday after having teased it alongside Tweetbot for OS X Yosemite earlier in the month of February.

    Calcbot 2.0 is a completely re-built application for the iOS platform that gives you a wide variety of features for making your complex calculations on a daily basis. It works as not just a calculator, but also as a unit converter, and the two features are made to work hand-in-hand.

    Best of all, unlike previous version of Calcbot, Tapbots is making Calcbot 2.0 a free download in the iOS App Store. The only caveat is that you need to buy the unit converter (if you want it), as well as any themes that you would like for the application, as an in-app purchase. Luckily, the application is not loaded with ads due to being free, like many freemium applications are these days.

    Other improvements include:

    • Being revamped for iOS 8
    • An all-new favorites system
    • History tape feature is available in portrait mode alongside the calculator
    • More than 500 units are available in the paid unit converter feature
    • Instant access to scientific constants, such as Pi, Atomic Mass, and more
    • Ability to sync your history tape across your iOS devices and even your Mac using iCloud
    • 9 built-in themes that you can purchase

    If you're interested in giving the all-new Calcbot 2.0 for iOS a try, it's available right now for free at this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store
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      vectranos -
      Doesn't work on ip6!
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