• 'Duet Game' Goes Free As Apple's iOS App Store App of the Week This Week

    Another Thursday, another App of the Week in the iOS App Store. Last Week's pick was Dr. Panda's Restaurant 2, but this week, Apple is giving us all a less child-like game that most of us of all ages can enjoy to play on our free time.

    This week's pick is Duet Game, typically a $2.99 purchase in the iOS App Store, but free for the next week for those that take advantage of the offer.

    In this game, your goal is to completely avoid the obstacles as they approach you (the two floating balls one is red and one is blue). You must tap and hold on the right side of the display to have the balls rotate clockwise, and you must tap and hold on the left side of the display to have the balls rotate counter-clockwise.

    Since your two balls are bound together on the same circular path, you must rotate along the circular path to avoid obstacles. This is where things get tricky, because you have to keep two balls safe at the same time, and not just one.

    This is a must-have game for iOS gaming enthusiasts, and it has awesome game controls and fluid gameplay. Check it out you can download Duet Game for free for the next week from this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store
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    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      I've thought about getting this a few times. Free certainly makes the decision easier!
    1. Sk37cH's Avatar
      Sk37cH -
      Don't miss this while it's free. Multi award winning musician does the soundtrack, and the Devs are really active on Twitter to sort out any bugs and inconsistencies. The story line is pretty deep too. It's as if 2 people whose paths often cross, but never meet face2face. Then there's a sense of loss, as if one of them felt the others demise. The vocals weren't always in there, and made for an interesting 2nd play-through, just to get a bit more understanding to the plot.

      Thank you.
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