• Apple Goes Recruiting at RIM

    Apple is taking no prisoners in the company's effort to become a serious player in the corporate market, where RIM and all things BlackBerry have been a formidable and competitive fixture for far too long, at least in the eyes of Cupertino-based Apple executives eager to improve the image of iDevices among business professionals. As a result of Apple's relentless efforts, word has surfaced that Apple has picked up at least five Research in Motion employees during the last eighteen months.

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple "is not only poaching corporate customers from BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd., it's poaching members of RIM's enterprise sales team." Thanks to the investigative journalism tool known as LinkedIn,
    former key RIM employees have now come on board Apple. The BlackBerry turncoats include Geoff Perfect, once Head of Strategic Sales at RIM. One month after departing the company, he joined Apple as Head of Enterprise iPhone Sales.

    The rest of the team that made a similar transition include the likes of senior global sales managers and account managers, all of whom are presumably very familiar with the inside workings and corporate sales strategies of Research in Motion. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple confirmed the hiring of at least five of these key players (in other words, they didn't blindly trust LinkedIn). Regardless of Apple's growing team of former competitors, the Cupertino-based tech giant has made substantial strides in making the iPhone and iPad more "corporate friendly," as both studies and sales suggest an increasing level of comfort with iDevices in big business.

    Wall Street Journal
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