• Native FB Upload Available on Cydia Tomorrow

    For all you avid Facebook photographers out there, having the ability to quickly upload pictures directly to Facebook is definitely a plus. Not to mention the iPhone/iPod/iPad camera is pretty decent and worth showing off!

    In terms of convenience, it's kind of annoying to have to go all the way into the Facebook.app, attach the image, compose message etc. Other developers have released separate applications that do the same thing. But wouldn't a feature like uploading Facebook pictures be much more efficient if uploading was added into the native Photos.app? Tyler Nettleton (@InfectionX) has a new application that should be releasing tomorrow on Cydia that alleviates that problem. I had the opportunity to test it before its release so I'm giving you an overview of its features.

    With Native FB Upload, you are now able to upload photos directly from your Photos.app on your iDevice to your Facebook account. It's really simple actually. When inside the Photos.app, select a photo that you want to upload to Facebook. Click the "Export" button and what now shows up is a button that says "Facebook." You press that and it leads you through the process of uploading it.

    After getting through all the connection/agreement steps, a composition windows comes up where you can type whatever you want. That will show up as your status when you click "Share!"

    When chatting with Tyler on AIM earlier, he mentioned two prominent features that will be included in the near future to make Native FB Upload even better:

    • Upload multiple photos
    • Minor speed enhancements

    It will be available on Cydia tomorrow for $1.99. Check it out and see what you think!
    For a sample demo video, check this out:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC4We_nbmNE"]Native FB Upload[/ame]

    Follow Tyler Nettleton (InfectionFX) for more updates and just to hear about his upcoming work.

    Source(s) Tyler Nettleton (@InfectionFX)
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