• CrApple Store Blog Takes a Bite Out of Apple

    Have you ever applied for a job at the Apple Store, only to be rejected for some unknown reason? Well, if the CrApple Store blog is any indication, you may have dodged a bullet. CrApple Store is a blog dedicates to shedding light on the inner workings of the retail side Apple. The identity of the blogger is still a mystery, mainly it would seem, because they are still employed at an Apple Store in the UK.

    The CrApple Store states, “It began with a list of reasons why working for Apple Retail is f***ing sh**, and just spiralled (sic) out of control. I couldn't keep it inside anymore, and so have decided to share the hate with the rest of the world.” The blog paints a very different picture from what we have come to expect from Apple. CrApple goes on to say what a soul-crushing experience it is to work for Apple and has gripes with other Apple employees such as Specialists and “the holy Genius team.” Apparently, Apple employees do not even get a discount on iPad’s either.

    Overall, the CrApple Store blog is an entertaining look into the experiences of one Apple employee finding it difficult to maintain sanity in the retail world. The blog reminds me of the movie Office Space in some ways, if blogging had been around back then. The CrApple Store blog is sometime funny, often bitter, but on the whole worth checking out.

    Source: Gizmodo
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