• Tim Cook: Go Ahead! Shower with Apple Watch!

    Okay, let's be clear from the start. We didn't actually hear Tim Cook say this. But someone in the European media claims the Apple CEO was overheard saying that Apple Watch has been sufficiently waterproofed to an extent that will allow users to shower with the device on.

    Cook's message to an Apple retail employee in Germany is getting coverage across the globe today, primarily because this is an admission that didn't make the Apple Watch presentation last fall. But over the last few months, we're told, the wearable's water-resistant exterior has been beefed up considerably.

    Of course, if this news ends up being inaccurate, blame the initial report at iGen.fr. What we do know for sure, however, is that Cook is definitely in Germany, one of several high-profile stops on his latest European trip. Lots of chatter was "overheard" but nothing can be concretely documented.

    The only other major tidbit that reportedly came from Cook's talks with retail employees is that Apple Pay will come to European customers sometime in 2015.

    Source: iGen.fr (via AppleInsider)
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      My issue, If I bought a Sport version, I sweat a lot when at the gym and it can be compared to an actual shower at times. I don't see how this device is going to stand up..make it waterproof Apple "come on man"
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