• Apple Granted Patents on Convertible MacBook

    Apple has just been granted several important patents today. It can be interesting to see what Apple is patenting as it sometimes gives us a glimpse into the future of Apple products. Of course, most patents never see the light of day as real products. Today, however, one particular patent is worth noting.

    The iPad has been a runaway success and now the MacBook Air refresh is selling quite well too. The question some consumers are now faced with is which to buy and which is better for them. The patent released today points to a new Apple MacBook that may act as both iPad and MacBook by way of a convertible monitor. The screen would slide along the keyboard covering it, leaving the device in a tablet configuration. Itís unclear which operating system Apple intents to use on the device, but this may not matter. Steve Jobs has stated that the next Mac OS update, Lion will incorporate some features from the iOS.

    The rumors of a touch-screen iMac have been circulating for some time, but back in October Steve Jobs mentioned that using touch screens vertically is not comfortable for long periods of time. Touch screens are more comfortable to use in a horizontal position. If this patent is any indication, then Apple is at least considering the possibility of bringing touch screen technology to Mac OS X.

    Apple isnít always the first to the party when it comes to new notebook designs, but when they do come out with something new, they usually do it right. Apple may be playing it safe, just in case convertible notebooks take off in a big way, the same way that netbooks exploded a few years ago. No matter what direction Apple decides to go with future MacBook designs, one thing is certain: Apple will hype the hell out of it and people will line up to buy it. I know I canít wait to get a new MacBook Air.

    Source: Patently Apple
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