• Apple Considering Multicolor Keyboard Backlights

    Apple has some interesting irons in the fire. According to patent applications that have been brought to light by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is tinkering with concepts for more sophisticated keyboard backlights on its popular line of notebooks. The apparent goal would be to offer a more comprehensive variety of feedback through multicolor backlight via individual keys.

    The patent application presents the following:
    Most conventional keyboards lack the ability to convey complex information to a user (such as, for example, more information than just whether the CAPS lock key is on). And while some conventional keyboards may include backlit keys, conventional keyboards with backlighting do not offer the ability to dynamically control lighting schemes for each of the keys individually based on interaction from the user.
    By making it possible for individual keys to provide illumination, users would have an easier time deciphering which functions are either currently being utilized or available for use in given situations. The multicolor keyboard backlights could also serve a variety of educational or directive functions, like walking users through various application, installation, troubleshooting steps. They could even simply outline commands to give by way of color-coded keyboard lights via individual keys.

    Of course, the aesthetics of multicolor keyboard backlights would be pretty cool, too. For now, it appears it will be a while before individual LED lights are tacked onto to each key on the keyboard. But Apple is exploring the possibilities. And that could result in some very colorful developments for future Apple notebook computers.

    Apple Insider
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