• Smartflash Files another Patent Suit against Apple After its Recent $533M Victory

    Not even one day after Smartflash won a $533 million jury decision against Apple, the company seems to be holding another patent case against the company seeking even more damages for alleged infringement. The new complaint which was filed in the US District Court in Texas alleges that Apple’s iTunes Store, App Store and iAds advertising network all infringe on several patents its own, all of which are entitled “Data Storage and Access Systems.”

    The complaint was filed in the same district as the previous successful suit – a move which continues to remain unsurprising – in Tyler, Texas. For those of you who didn’t know, many patent infringement suits are filed in the Eastern District of Texas purely because of the fact that they tend to favor intellectual property holders, the very same people that are typically seen as being “patent trolls” who are out to seek money from patent infringement lawsuits.

    In this particular case, Smartflash seems to have had its latest complaint ready to go the minute it won its previous one. Apple has already said that it will appeal the decision and in a statement to Bloomberg indicated that the company intends to push back hard this time. An Apple spokeswoman said the following regarding the matter:

    Smartflash makes no products, has no employees, creates no jobs, has no U.S. presence, and is exploiting our patent system to seek royalties for technology Apple invented. We refused to pay off this company for the ideas our employees spent years innovating and unfortunately we have been left with no choice but to take up this fight through the court system.
    We’ll have to see what happens this time around by waiting patiently as the case is decided in court.

    Source: Bloomberg
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