• Apple Watch is the Company's 'Key' to Success, Says Tim Cook

    Apple CEO Tim Cook made an interesting prediction during an interview in London this morning.

    According to the man at the helm of the world's most profitable company, Apple's forthcoming Apple Watch will be more than just a game-changer among wearables for the communication, health, and convenience features it bestows.

    It will also spell an end for other common items we once never considered our lives without.

    For example? Cook says Apple Watch may very well kill car keys.

    There will be lots of other potentially revolutionary uses. The watch is designed to be able to replace car keys and the clumsy, large fobs that are now used by many vehicles, Cook told The Telegraph. This could be a major development and will reinforce the view that Apple is circling the automotive market.
    What else will Apple Watch kill? There's no telling what may happen given that Cook now believes "an explosion of new apps for the Apple Watch" is on the horizon.

    All told, no new details were dished on Apple Watch in today's interview, but with Apple's March 9th media event fast approaching, we likely won't have to wait long before we know more about the looming release of Apple's first wearable tech.

    Source: U.K. Telegraph
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      I have a feeling this watch is going to be the 'gateway' to all future Apple devices. The middle man if you will...should be an interesting year for Apple once this drops.
    1. StuG III's Avatar
      StuG III -
      Ugh no. Apple stahp.
    1. pkmaximum's Avatar
      pkmaximum -
      I'll admit, I am super excited for the apple watch. This will definitely be a day-one purchase for me
    1. Mookest's Avatar
      Mookest -
      I'll have to admit. I haven't used a watch in 10 years. Every time I hear about a smart watch I think of the beginning to "The Internship". I don't see watches making a big comeback. IMO
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