• UK's Style Magazine Features Apple Watch Sport in Space Gray

    Apple is definitely trying hard to promote the Apple Watch worldwide with it being just one month away from launching. The Cupertino-based company is having the smartwatch advertised on the cover of major publications in France, U.S., and China. Now, U.K. has joined the list and debuted the wearable device on fashion magazine Style, with a three-page spread. Style Magazine featured the Apple Watch in two different stories.

    The first article showed model Guinevere Van Seenus sporting the Apple Watch Sport in Space Gray aluminum. Style magazine’s caption noted that the Apple Watch Sport is $349. This number is not nearly as expensive as what rumors were claiming previously. Back in September of last year when Apple first announced its wearable device, the company noted that the price would begin at $349. However, the company did not say which of the watch models would be at that price point.

    We’re not sure if Apple has confirmed pricing of the Apple Watch, but we do know that the U.K. has not yet announced it other than stating it will start at $349. Will you be purchasing the wearable device? Share with us below.

    Source: The Sunday Times
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    1. teddy2789's Avatar
      teddy2789 -
      That's the one i want right there....can't wait...
    1. claud's Avatar
      claud -
      Id like to, but there are a few factors that are keeping me from the purchase.
      style too bulky, too rounded.
      functionality battery life too low, thats gonna drive you nuts real soon.
      price $349 for the low end version, thats a bit much.
      advertisement do we really have to paint up the beautiful models face to make her seem trendy?

      my 2 cents
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the clock on her face is counter clockwise?
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