• Apple Beefs Up Patent Lawsuit Against Motorola

    Apple is raising the stakes in its ongoing litigation against mobile phone rival Motorola by tossing a dozen additional patents into the mix. In light of the latest lawsuit amendment, Apple now alleges that Motorola is in violation of twenty-four of its patents. Motorola still asserts that Apple has infringed upon eighteen of its own patents.

    Apple, it should be noted, did not strike first in this particular legal battle. Motorola first brought suit against Apple in October shortly after Apple sought to bring HTC to court for - you guessed it - more patent violations. Like a strategic game of legal chess, Apple responded to the Motorola lawsuit with a countersuit. Motorola alleges that Apple has blatantly violated Motorola patents relating to a broad range of technologies, including antenna design. Motorola, however, seems to be on the receiving end of much more scrutiny, as the U.S. International Trade Commission announced plans to formally investigate Motorola as a direct result of Apple's sweeping accusations.

    The lawsuit revision by Apple comes on the heels of recent reports, including ours published November 29th, that Steve Jobs and company are sparing no expense to beef up their legal team, which has swelled to include a seemingly incalculable number of attorneys specializing in patents and intellectual property. News of Apple's growing legal dream team emerged as Apple and Nokia prepare for a face off in front of the International Trade Commission, which will similarly deal with alleged intellectual property violations.

    BusinessWeek and Electronista
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