• DeleteMail: Delete/Archive All Mail At Once

    When it comes to tweaks, I'm in it mostly for functionality. I'm not too much into funny little goofy toggles that do random things. I'm all about tweaks that are used to perform a function better than if I did not have them. So far, I've been pretty satisfied with the results. Probably the application that is most practical with tweaks is the Mail.app. I had just about every one until yesterday with the release of DeleteMail. Here's what it's all about and why I'd recommend it.

    DeleteMail adds cool feature to the Mail.app client for those of us who actually organize our inbox (don't worry, there have been times when I don't care myself). For those who use IMAP and archive your mail, this comes in handy quite often. Even if you use POP it's great too. What it does is adds a "Delete All" or "Archive All" functionality to the delete button after hitting the "Edit" button in your inbox. It's quick, easy, and saves a bunch of time when it comes to having to archive or delete every email in your inbox. To enable and disable DeleteMail, you'll find a settings toggle in the DeleteMail tab in the Settings.app.

    Name: DeleteMail
    Author: Andrea Oliva
    Version: 1.0-1
    Price: $.99

    At the last minute, thankfully, I was able to get a hold of Andrea and ask him a few questions about DeleteMail.

    JOSH: What gave you the idea to make DeleteMail?
    ANDREA: A friend of mine gave me the idea to create this.

    JOSH: How long did it take you to make DeleteMail?
    ANDREA: It took me about 3-4 days.

    JOSH: From a scale, 1-10, how hard was this tweak for you to create?
    ANDREA: Medium so like 4-5.

    JOSH: Any planned additions or implementations coming up for DeleteMail?
    ANDREA: More supports for 4.0 are coming very soon.

    Check this out, and post your thoughts here!
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